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Digital cinema 4k PDF results

Does 4k really make a difference?

introduction movie theaters are on the threshold of an historic transformation from film to digital projection. the technology is in place, with broadly accepted...

4k digital cinema projector

In 2007, sony introduced an ultra-high-resolution projector system that incorporates an srx-r220 4k sxrd projector and an lmt-200 media block, and adopts a...

Aagl 4k surgery release 11.5.08 final for distribution[1]

Women's surgery recorded for the first time on "4k" digital cinema is presented at the aagl congress aagl 4k surgery release 11.5.08 final for distribution[1]

Industry standard colour grading and finishing for 2k/4k film

Films and commercials, delivering digital cinema content up to 4k. with an industry leading toolset used by clients such as pixar animation studios, nucoda film...

Barco digital cinema a perfect match for every screen

And with the top-of-the-line dp2k/4k-32b, barco's product offering also includes the brightest cinema projector on the planet. ultimate 3d performance barco digital cinema...

Display solutions announces the availability of the 4k resolution ...

Equipped with the 1.38-inch 4k dlp cinema ® chip from texas instruments ®, the nc3240s (7kw and 4kw) is fully digital cinema initiative (dci) compliant.

Whitepaper 4k more-than-meets-the-eye

White paper: 4k resolution: more than meets the eye www.barco.com 1/04/2011, page 4 of 9 1 technological 4k enablement in digital cinema projection...

The story behind the sony 4k: from the cinema to the home

This paper will review the rise of digital cinema, the impact of 4k on the cinema experience, the similarities between digital cinema and home theater design, and...

4k digital cinema projector stm-100 lmt-300

Srx-r320 4k digital cinema projector lmt-300 media block stm-100 theater management system


Restore - film, video, digital media reformat - sd, hd, 2k, 4k, 3d deliver - digital cinema, hdtv, dvd, blu-ray, vod, mobile phoenix finish is a complete...

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