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California golden bears pics PDF results

Please provide the following information: department of parks and ...

Application instructions: applicants must present a completed application, valid state-issued driver license or other suitable photo i $5.00 payment in person at most units of the california state park system (contact parks in advance to ensure availability), or at the park pass sales office located at 1416 9th street, room 144, sacramento... State of california - natural resources agency. golden bear pass application. home street address / city / state / zip code (no post...

california bear flag: symbol of strength

33 california bear flag: symbol of strength the original bear flag was made in the sonoma barracks on june 14 or 15, 1846. the flag consisted of a three by five foot section of unbleached cotton upon which were drawn a red star and a rough representation of a grizzly bear as an emblem of strength. in blackberry juice were painted the words, Discovering california, a selection of articles from pacific discovery magazine... true stories of early settlers in the golden state. donovan lewis, 1993.

Facts about brown bears

Copyright 2005 ira/ncte. all rights reserved. readwritethink materials may be reproduced for educational purposes. image ©2005 jupiterimages, and its licensors. all rights reserved. facts about brown bears bear facts hibernation facts•brown bears are often called "grizzlies."• the tips of the hair on a brown bear look grayish or grizzly. F acts a bout b rown b ears bear facts hibernation facts •brown bears are often called "grizzlies." •the tips of the hair on a brown bear look grayish or grizzly.

Teddy bear hamster

... hamster world. hamsters use cheek pouches to move food from one location to another is a teddy bear hamster the right companion animal for you? if you answered, "yes" to these statements, a teddy bear hamster may be the right choice for you! continue reading about how to care for a teddy bear hamster and consult with a petco associate to... © 2005, petco animal supplies, inc. all rights reserved. (0830) 1 of 2 a longhaired version of the golden, or syrian, hamster, teddy bears are the "super models" of...

Snakes of new jersey

Wash the bite with soap and water. immobilize the bitten area and keep it lower than your heart. what not to do if bitten by a venomous snake do not attempt to draw venom from a wound by sucking. attempts to draw venom from a wound should only be done with a snake-bite venom-extractor kit. do not cut the wound or apply ice to the bite. do... They may chase black bears into other hikers or back to you or they may encounter a veno mous... the back is dark with a golden neck collar and the belly is plain...

Summer '05 garden view

F lowering trees are an important component of central florida landscapes. they provide colorful flowers during their season of bloom. many of these trees also make nice shade specimens. our climate here in central florida allows for a wide range of flowering trees to be used. we can grow some of the hardier, temperate climate trees and trees from... Tabebuia chrysotricha, the golden trumpet tree, bears golden yellow flowers.... is a very popular tree in the warmer areas of florida and california.

New mexico snakes

snakes are perhaps the most feared and hated animals in new mexico, but people's fear may come from misunderstanding. of the 46 snake species found in new mexico, only 8 are poisonous and potentially dangerous. these include 7 rattlesnake species and a coral snake. some snakes can benefit the yard and garden. snakes are one of nature's most... ... but it is more common in southern california, nevada, arizona and texas and is more widely distributed in the chihuahuan desert than in the mojave desert.

San luis pdf2

San luis reservoir state recreation area san luis resevoir state recreation area 31426 gonzaga road gustine, ca 95322-9737(209) 826-1197© 2003 california state parks printed on recycled paper our mission the mission of the california department of parks and recreation is to provide for the health, inspiration and education of the people of... ... outside the u.s. 711, tty relay service www.parks.ca.gov california state parks p. o. box 942896 sacramento... followed by a longer period of golden...

Temperate rainforest ecosystems

Temperate rainforest ecosystems research and design by roseanne weir, science teacher at john steinbeck middle school, san jose, california in conjunction with san jose state university and nasa ames. focus questions what is a temperate rainforest? how does a temperate rainforest compare to a tropical rainforest? when people hear the word "... ... california in conjunction with san jose state university and... the top consumers of the food chain in the temperate rainforest include black bears and...

Common name scientific name

334 disease emergence and resurgence: the wildlife-human connection common name scientific name amp hibians african clawed frog xenopus laevis american pig frog rana grylio boreal toad bufo boreas boreas bullfrog rana catesbeiana chiricahua leopard frog rana chiricahuensis chorus frogs pseudacris spp. common european frog rana... ... syncerus caffer burmeister's porpoise phocoena spinipinnis bushy-tailed woodrat neotoma cinerea california... domestic capra hircus golden lion tamarin...

Ribes aureum golden currant

M eriwether lewis was apparently intrigued by the different species and varieties of currants he saw on his westward journey. he wrote detailed descriptions and mentioned currants often in his journal. william clark also mentioned species of currants in his journal. lewis first collected golden currant on july 29, 1805 in the... golden currant extends from british columbia and quebec in canada to texas... the species is also found west to los angeles, california... black bears and...

Distinguishing ash from other trees

... of your choice. this number will give you a new set of choices. continue this way through the key. we have listed enough characteristics to help you determine whether or not your tree is an ash. if it doesn't match the characteristics in the key, relax; it most likely isn't an ash. if you don't want to use the 1. a) branches alternate (fig. 1 1 1 1 distinguishing ash from other common trees identification key begin at number 1 on the key and choose (a) or (b). then proceed to the number listed in...

Venomous animals of texas

Venomous animals of texas by carolyn insall, m.s. central texas poison center the poison center is available at all times to advise you on bites and stings. a venomous animal is one that produces a poison (venom) to attack its prey or defend itself. some animal's venom is more toxic than others. people, who have an encounter with these animals... golden silk spiders weave very strong webs which look like gold thread in the sunshine. the female (3") is much bigger than the male (1/2").

Usc hall of fame

Usc hall of fame'94, '95, '97, '99, '01, '03, '05, '07, '09 1994 inductees jon arnett (football, pre-1960) clarence "buster" crabbe (swimming) rod dedeaux (coach) braven dyer (media) mike garrett (football, post-1960) al geiberger (golf) frank gifford (football, pre-1960) marv goux (special recognition) howard jones (coach) fred lynn (baseball) He was selected in the 13th round of the 1970 nfl draft by the chicago bears and spent 7 years in... including 4 golden mikes, 2 ap and upi california...

california natives

california natives 1 scarborough gardens california natives using natives in the landscape has become popular particularly in the last twenty years. since then many new varieties have been introduced to homeowners, providing a nice selection of flower and foliage, as well as interesting textures for the landscape. we stock a variety of the most... california natives 1 scarborough gardens california natives using natives in the landscape has... it bears large, shiny heart... clusters of white blossoms with golden...

Animal adaptations

Self-directed tour grades three through five animal adaptations teacher guide this self-guided tour will introduce you and your class to animals at the milwaukee county zoo, and focus on their adaptations for survival. animals live in a variety of unique environments. to survive in many of these environments, animals have adapted both... ... as well as aquatic animals like the california... animals like the golden eagle and peregrine... at outdoor exhibit adjacent to american black bears...


non-timber forest products fact sheet no. 13 produced by the non-timber forest products program at virginia tech in collaboration with: usda forest service, southern research station, srs-4702, blacksburg, virginia; top of the ozarks resource conservation & development, inc., houston, missouri; & missouri department of conservation, jefferson... Almost the entire crop comes from california.... the tree requires a second tree for pollination to occur and bears fruits at four to five years.... early golden...

At home with wendy walker

At home with wendy walker cnn, senior executive producer, larry king live by patty kovacevich h ow often does a recognized world figure live right in one's own back yard? not very. however, right here in our idyllic local community of rancho santa fe resides wendy walker, a woman who holds one of the most powerful positions in the media world. She bears a commanding air about her that... it's ultra- gorgeous-shabby-chic-meet s-california-elegance... and there's a golden emmy...


Chile from the semiprecious stones, there is one, the strange and remarkable blue stone called lapis lazuli, which was already know before our era by the pharaohs. queen cleopatra used it as a personal adornment, from the latin "lapis" - stone - and the arabic "lazuli" - blue - is a rock composed of various minerals. its intense blue... Shades that range from golden yellow to brown;... bears, birds, dolphins, and many... california, usa and china. laraquete, chile.

San francisco 49ers founder

49ers.com 2010 media guide tony morabito dedicated his life to bringing an idea to fruition that others thought preposterous- the membership of the west coast, in general, and san francisco, in particular, in a nationwide professional football league. morabito was the sports pioneer of the west, bringing san francisco its first major league Fans came in droves to kezar stadium to see the wonder teams of california... the 49ers hosted the chicago bears... the san francisco and now golden state...

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