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California flu deaths 2013 PDF results

influenza activity update - izsummitpartner

Natl adult and influenza immunization summit -5/14/2015 12 number of influenza-associated pediatric deaths by week of death and flu type: 2011-12 season to present 2011-12

Nh occupational health and safety surveillance program ...

O university of california berkeley - wrote grant for niosh r21 announcement to evaluate a worker safety and health training program for workers with intellectual disabilities.

vaccine safety - eziz

• measles, for instance, is still common in europe, africa, and asia. travelers can catch measles while overseas and spread it in california. over

Adolescent immunization initiative participants rationale ...

rationale for an immunization platform at 16 years of age in the summer of 2016, a multidisciplinary group of 17 experts in adolescent health and immuni-

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