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Best sporting clays gun for the money PDF results

Kemen km-4 - clayshootingusa magazine

Kemen km-4 the spanish kemen hasestablished a solid reputation in europe with a combination of good handling and value for money. clayshootingusa puts it

Trap shotgun - browning

you are responsible for firearms safety. as a gun owner, you accept a set of demanding responsibilities. how seriously you take these responsibilities can...

Owner 's manual - remington 11-87

Owner 's manual page 2…the ten commandments of firearm safety page 7…important parts of the firearm page 11…how to load and unload

Fundraising game ideas - national wild turkey ...

Shotgun/clay shoot - this fun event requires a sporting clays facility or anywhere safe shooting can occur. players pay $5 for two shots (two chances to break a...

Highrib - clayshootingusa magazine

Clayshooting usa 76 productreview sportinggunsareofthehighr ib variety,andwithlistprices somewhat higherthantheirlowrib equivalents,shootershavep roven

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