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Atomic bomb debate pro PDF results

Sherwin atomic bomb origins coldwar

"the atomic bomb and the origins of the cold war" by: martin j. sherwin the deaths from incineration and radiation of some 200,000 residents of hiroshima and...

The historiography of hiroshima: the rise and fall of revisionism

The new england journal of history, vol. 64, no. 1 fall 2007, 31-48 the historiography of hiroshima: the rise and fall of revisionism michael kort

Nuclear security advisory council

Policy update september 2003 a review of the suitcase nuclear bomb controversy david smigielski russian american nuclear security...

Truman's decision to drop the bomb lesson

Teaching american history project lesson title - truman's decision to drop the atomic bomb from kevin mariano grade - 11 length of class period...

Proquest historical newspapers

Proquest historical newspapers (graphical version) and? state academic standards? national information literacy standards? national technology standards for students...

The iaea additional protocol

Theodore hirsch 140 the nonproliferation review/fall-winter 2004 the iaea additional protocol what it is and why it matters theodore hirsch i n the...

Osirak redux? austin long iranian nuclear facilities

T he use of military force to halt or reverse nuclear proliferation is an option that has been much discussed and occasionally exercised. in the 1960s, for example...

Full-body ct scanning - prevention at what cost?

Cambridge 16 the triple helix cambridge michaelmas 2007 full-body ct scanning - prevention at what cost? ian hunter or many cancer patients, an early...

Norms and deterrence: the nuclear and chemical weapons taboos

• norms and deterrence: the nuclear and chemical weapons taboos richard price and nina tannenwald the concept of deterrence has been central to traditional ·

Pr must die: spin, anti-spin and political public relations in the ...

Journalism studies, volume 5, number 3, 2004, pp. 325-338 pr must die: spin, anti-spin and political public relations in the uk, 1997-2004 brian mcnair stirling...

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