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Arduino controlled robot PDF results

Humbug or mazoo: a hum-controlled mouth synthesizer

Humbug or mazoo: a hum-controlled mouth synthesizer john mcnulty sonic arts research centre queen's university belfast +44 (0)28 90974829 jmcnulty05{..at..}qub.ac. uk

User's guide

1 introduction. "glcd-flexel" is a versatile, general-purpose color graphic lcd module with i2c interface. the module is designed as intelligent lcd with...

Data acquisition module with i2c interface "i2c-flexel"

Data acquisition module with i2c interface "i2c-flexel" user's guide sensors dc motors led dimming relay control se rvo motors lcd real time clock/

Wild thumper controller instructions

Included software the controller comes with the arduino bootloader and basic software that allows it to be used the moment power is applied. the default configuration...

Mediakit 2011 inglese:layout 1

Firmware is the only italian (and probably european) magazine completely dedicated to microcontrollers, fpga devices and analogical components. reader target is

Autonomous quadcopter final report

Autonomous quadcopter. final report. group 5. 5/4/10. faculty advisor: yi guo. group members: mohik patel. gregory halfinger. muhammad arif azizan. xinglong ju

Gerry chu

Gerry chu summary i'm a ux designer who has created world-class iphone, ipad, and android apps for numerous fortune 500 clients. i have a passion for delivering high...

E-system design software

Flowcode 5 www.matrixmultimedia.com e-system design software flowcode allows those with little programming experience to develop electronic systems quickly and...

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