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Adjectives first grade worksheet PDF results

adjectives an adjective is a word that describes a noun. example ...

The word tall is an adjective. it describes the noun, man. directions: in each sentence, circle the adjective that describes the underlined noun. 1. leroy and jenna walked up to an old castle. 2. maddie put the golden key in the lock. 3. today is the fifth day of january. 4. the baby birds flew from the nest. 5. joe's truck has a flat... Name: adjectives an adjective is a word that describes a noun. example: the tall man went into the restaurant.

Skill - adjectives

... more about a person, place or thing. examples: funny, awesome, fast, sharp, green directions: circle the adjective in each sentence. then write the adjective on the line. 1. the boy played with his green kite. 2. the wet dog was playing in the water. 3. we saw the funny clown play guitar. 4. the red apple had a worm inside. 5. it was a clean... Skill - adjectives name: grade 2 - language ©www.havefunteaching.com adjectives adjectives describe a noun and tell...

adjective is describing.

Example: the green alien walked out of the spaceship. the adjective green describes the alien. 1. the shiny spaceship landed in my yard. the adjective describes. 2. an alien with big eyes walked out of the ship. the adjective describes. 3. it waved its tiny hand in the air. the... Name: alien adjectives circle the adjective in each sentence. then, tell what noun the adjective is describing.

adjectives worksheet

Adjectives worksheet a. add adjectives that answers the questions in the blanks. choose descriptive adjectives that create a unified word picture. as i started out, the day already seemed (1. what kind?). a (2. what kind?) sun was just rising over the (3. which one?) hill. traces of (4. how much? (5. what kind?) fog lingered around the (6. At first, rawlings was (successfuler, more successful) with her writing (than, then... write the correct form of each adjective in parentheses. 47. cross creek is...

Nouns, verbs or adjectives

... school years (www.firstschoolyears.com ) this worksheet may be reproduced without permission for educational use. nouns, verbs or adjectives look table walk dirty lemon scary jump cry cat big ball run book thin • colour the nouns blue, the verbs green and the adjectives yellow... name: date: 2002 first...

adjectives - describing words

Skill - adjectives name: grammar©www.havefunteach ing.com adjectives - describing words adjectives are words that tell more about nouns. adjectives can tell about what something looks like, smells like, tastes like, feels like, and sounds like. examples: small, big, funny, gross, bumpy... adjective worksheet adjective worksheet. skill - adjectives name...

worksheet 1. nouns and adjectives

Chapter 14: nouns and modifiers copyright © 2007 pearson education, inc. all rights reserved. permission granted to reproduce for classroom use. 3 worksheet 3. reading: johnny appleseed read the passage. then answer the questions on the next page. johnny appleseed johnny appleseed was an american pioneer* and a legend. he loved apples. Vocabulary worksheets basic english grammar, 3 rd edition... neil armstrong, the first man on the moon, was a kind... out the word or words that do not go with the adjective...

Lesson plans 1st grade

Multisensory grammar lesson plan first grade © 2008 by neuhaus education center. all rights reserved. updated 5/29/2008 713.664.7676 www.neuhaus.org lesson lesson plans 1 s t grade materials 1 • introduce nouns • list nouns on chart tablet or board (person, place, thing) first grade © 2008 by neuhaus education center.... sentences from worksheets 3-8 21 • review, nouns... • read an adjective book noun, verb, noun marker cards

Prefixes worksheet

... then go back to it. prefixes you might need un-dis-re-mis-de-im-in-il -non-anti-pre-clockwisebe havesensepossibleplacefix happyluckylegalcodevisibl econnectfictionmindappear viewproveableplayfrostwin dobeycoverhonesthealthy Microsoft word viewer 97 - prefixes worksheet _1_.doc. • add a prefix to each of the following words to make new words. if you get stuck on one, move onto the...

1st grade language arts test

1. which is not a sentence? a. she is reading a book. b. my history class is fun. c. walking to school today. mr. and mrs. bryson are married. 2. which word needs a capital letter? a. are b. mrs. c. married we will go to town. 3. which word in the sentence needs a capital letter? a. we b. will c. town 4. which is a sentence? a. the lost library... Name: date: test: teacher: 1st grade language arts test practice test first grade english... a. a verb (action word) b. a subject (naming word) c. an adjective...

Subject-verb agreement worksheet

2. jill's natural ability and her desire to help others (has, have) led to a career in the ministry. 3. everybody who signed up for the ski trip (was, were) taking lessons. 4. some of our luggage (was, were) lost. 5. none of his advice (make, makes) sense. 6. one out of every three sunsets (was, were) covered with clouds. 7. a ship and a... Subject-verb agreement worksheet select the correct verb in each sentence. 1. either the photographer or her companions (was, were) the first to see the gorilla.

Learning about suffixes "er and est"

Name date©2004abcteach.com 1 learning about suffixes"er and est" rules to remember: rule 1: the suffix er should be used when you are comparing two things. example: susan is shorter than emily. rule 2: the suffix est should be used when you are comparing more than two things. example: megan... The first one has been done for you. base word suffix "er" suffix "est" 1. soft softer... shari is in the tenth grade, and is than gail. older oldest 4.

first grade

... mastered the competencies and objectives in kindergarten. new skills and objectives are bold-faced throughout the k-8 portion of the document; however, teachers should review previously taught skills and objectives with a focus on increasing complexity. the term "text," as it is used throughout the language arts framework, is defined as "a... 2006 mississippi language arts framework-revised first grade course description grade 1; one-year course first grade each competency and...

1st grade language arts quiz

4. which is the describing word (adjective)? a. dan b. wear c. brown 5. which of the following is written correctly? a. our country's birthday is july 4 1776. b. our country's birthday is july 4, 1776. c. our country's birthday is, july 4, 1776. the man and the boy went home 6. which punctuation mark is missing? a. period (.) b. comma (,) c. Which is the describing word (adjective)? a. dan b. wear c. brown 5. which of the... c. cookies name: date: quiz: teacher: 1st grade language arts quiz practice test first grade...

grade level: first grade

Mississippi language arts framework 2006 grade level: first grade competency one: the... book about nouns a cache of jewels and other collective nouns 4 a adjective...

Simple lesson plan template

... adjective/subject/verb agreement using a manipulative device created by the students. students use a "wheel" which they construct to manipulate the parts of a sentence. the vocabulary theme is clothing and colors. this lesson can be applied to various world languages. keywords: gender agreement, number agreement, nouns, adjectives, agreement... Title: noun/adjective/subject/verb agreement grade ranges simple lesson plan template

Multisensory grammar activities

Materials • adjective chart on poster paper (see sample... teaching support grade 4 unit 4: adjectives multisensory... name of the item on the chalkboard and circle the first...

Language arts teks timeline (first grade)

... expected to: 1.1a recognize that spoken words are represented in written english by specific sequences of letters√ 1.1b identify upper- and lower-case letters√ 1.1c sequence the letters of the alphabet√ 1.1d recognize the distinguishing features of a sentence (e.g., capitalization of first word, ending punctuation)√ 1.1e read... st grade: revised sept 3, 2009 1 first grade language arts teks timeline reading 1st nine weeks 2nd nine weeks 3rd nine weeks 4th nine weeks...

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