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Activity 2.1.5 aoi logic implementation PDF results

Digital electronics pltw - scope and sequence - year at a glance

Essential learning outcomes teks topics (not in sequential order) suggested resources assessments taks objectives unit 1 - fundamentals of analog and digital electronics (16 days) it is expected that students will: know and practice proper safety while working with electronics. be able to express numbers in scientific notation, engineering notation... ... to aoi logic (10 days) 2.1.1 majority vote 2.1.2 binary number conversion 2.1.3 truth tables & logic expressions 2.1.4 aoi logic analysis 2.1.5 aoi logic implementation...

Learning target supporting target

Digital electronics - 12 th grade learning target supporting target key activities lt1 - i can describe and demonstrate understanding of electrical fundamentals slt1a - i can describe and practice proper safety while working with electronics. general safety ppt activity 1.1.1 general safety quiz slt1b - i can express numbers in scientific notation... aoi logic implementation ppt activity 2.1.5 aoi logic implementation slt4g - i can use boolean algebra to simplify logic expressions. boolean algebra ppt activity...

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