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62r usarc form PDF results

107-r family information data worksheet - date - usarc

Special needs is there anyone in your household who does not speak english? if yes, please specify person and language spoken: do you have a family member with special needs? if yes, please specify person and identify needs: privacy act advisory statement usarc form 1 aug 00 107-r family information data worksheet (for use of this form see usarc reg 608-1; the proponent agency is the dcsper family...

*usarec regulation 601-37 effective 1 may 2007

update• usarec reg 601-37 chapter 1 introduction 1-1. purpose this regulation prescribes eligibility criteria gove rning the appointment of persons into the army medical department (amedd), with or without prior service (ps), into the regular army (ra) and the army reserve (ar). it provides the policies and procedures to process applicants... Note: the ins form i-151 may no longer be used unless the applicant shows proof of applic ation for an ins form i-551 (this will usually be with an ins form i-90...


Usarec pamphlet 25-30 information management: publishing and printing index, distri bution, and resupply of publications and blank forms headquarters united states army recruiting command 1307 3rd avenue fort knox, kentucky 40121-2725 1 july 2011 unclassified for the commander: Blank form stock record card (vertical file)) or da form 479-1 (publication and... 601-72 (j/usarc) 12 jul 1994 rescinded 601-75 2 feb 1982 superseded by...

Rcs exempt ar 335-15, para 5-2b(4) colonel/lieutenant colonel ...

Current duty assignment: br & aoc: mrd: dob: home address: business telephone #: home telephone #: e-mail address: date last physical exam: date last apft: current height: meets body fat standards: i certify that i have personally verified all information contained herein: (check one) (check one) Colonel/lieutenant colonel command assignment selection board worksheet [for use of this form see usarc reg 140-5; the proponent agency is g-1.]

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