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4chan imageboard PDF results

Reader ii video vortex

image) is overlaid with the recording date (a classic handycam image). following this is a title in a semi-professional graphic, while the colloquial voiceover of a...

042210 usa v kernell (poole)

Now, this page that is depicted here, 4chan, is this the home page? a. yes.... and since the image board requires an original post with an image, where would that image...

Collaborative futures

Anonymous is a collection of individuals that post anonymously on /b/ <img.4chan.org/b/>, a section of the image board 4chan.org. when you post...


8. 4chan.org is "an image board, a type of online message forum that encourages users to post both images and text, and its users now contribute more than a million...

I can has thesis?: a linguistic analysis of lolspeak

... the first solid pieces of lolspeak‟s foundation appear to come from a cat food advertisement and a celebration called "caturday" on the image board site, 4chan...


Each line or channel on the fax board requires a license. there is unlimited client... two parties either can't or don't want to deal with file format issues; • a fax image...

Top 100 web sites you must visit before you die

... take garfield out of the comic and the result is funnier than ever. 4chan - an image-based... b3ta - a message board full of viral breakouts waiting to happen....

Information warfare

Http://media.photobucket. com/image/threats/beatrixkiddoe/mo tivator639310.jpg?o=19... 2003 - 4chan board no leaders focus on defending wikileaks in 2010-2011

Jose nazario, ph.d.

Page 13 anonymous o self styled internet freedom fighters o 4chan.org board members o... multinational or government site- unsavory press or popular image o...

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