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Arxiv:1512.00567v3 [cs.cv] 11 dec 2015

Rethinking the inception architecture for computer vision christian szegedy google inc. szegedy<__at__>goog le.com vincent vanhoucke vanhoucke<__at__>go ogle.com sergey ioffe

Abstract arxiv:1409.1556v6 [cs.cv] 10 apr 2015

Arxiv:1409.1556v6 [cs.cv] 10 apr 2015 published as a conference paper at iclr 2015 very deep convolutional networks for large-scale image recognition karen simonyan∗ & andrew zisserman+

Joseph redmon

For two years he worked as a tutor for the computer science department. he loves passing on his knowledge and getting everypony excited about computer science!

get started now! - ucsd academic internship ...

When you apply to an internship, organizations are looking for the following: relevant information. truthful information. a reader-friendly resume that is easy to


Hao li 2 positions! usc institute for creative technologies 08/2016 - ongoing director of the vision and graphics lab pinscreen inc. 10/2015 - ongoing

making cars safer through technology ...

making cars safer through technology innovation 3 june 2017 worldwide. leading-edge semiconductor solutions will help speed the introduction of these new

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